New Microsoft AI tool VASA-1 creates Da Vinci’s Monalisa Rap

Most of us must have heard of the painting of Monalisa, created by the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci, at least once in our lives. It is a masterpiece that is decorated by many. Recently, the painting has made headlines again, but not for its beauty or finesse. Some genius had recently come up with the idea of ​​making Monalisa rap. The person was using Microsoft’s new AI app, VASA-1. This app has the ability to turn still photos of people’s faces into vibrant animations.

Here’s an X-post capturing Mona Lisa’s rapping.

Since it was shared, the AI-generated video has gone viral. To date, the videos have been viewed more than seven million times, and that number is still increasing. The stock has further garnered numerous responses from people. It has amassed more than 14,000 likes and been reposted more than 4,300 times.

Microsoft VASA-1

The new AI model called VASA-1 can master lip syncing with photos and the movement in these photos will hardly make you believe that they are not videos. Some AI-generated clips show how scary this technology could be and what it could potentially do if it fell into the wrong hands.

Microsoft believes that the quality of the clips is still not authentic enough and ensures that the “videos generated with this method still contain identifiable artifacts, and the numerical analysis shows that there is still a gap to improve the achieve authenticity of real videos.”

The company is also aware of its potential misuse, but it seems it plans to overlook it as the positives far outweigh its cause.

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