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As summer engulfs India in a heatwave, there is solace in the form of a cold beer. Craft brewing in India offers a plethora of options, but some styles excel in the sweltering heat. From fruity Hefeweizens to spicy Radlers, every sip promises to quench your thirst on sunny afternoons.

Looking for the perfect summer beer? Here are 8 types you should try.

Summer It’s all well and good, and with most of India suffering the effects of a heatwave, it’s time to sit back and look for the silver lining of summer. The heat provides the perfect opportunity for lazy summer drinking sessions and for that there is no better companion than a cold beer.

With the rise of craft brewing in India, we have gained access to a dizzying array of beer varieties and while they all have their own special qualities, some are better suited for summer drinking than others. For example, a heavy stout or rich porter are probably not the ideal choice for a hot day. But if you’re looking for a hoppy companion for your summer afternoons, these 8 beer styles provide the perfect break from the heat.

India’s booming craft beer industry has made many international beers household names, and none are more beloved or better suited to our climate than the Hefeweizen. This German beer offers a unique light experience, with a blend of wheat malt and yeast and often has notes of banana or clove for a fruitier finish. Although cloudy, it is still light on the palate, effervescent and perfect for a long, sunny beer session.

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