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GI tagged specialties of Bihar

Known for its rich art and culture, Bihar is a treasure trove of heritage and creativity. The state’s abundance of Geographic Indication (GI) tags stems from the state’s diverse cultural landscape, where ancient traditions harmonize with contemporary innovations. Every product with a GI tag tells a story of craftsmanship, tradition and pride, making Bihar a cultural powerhouse worthy of much praise.

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Madhubani painting

Originating from the Mithila region of Bihar, Madhubani Painting is a traditional art form with intricate designs depicting mythological stories, nature and daily life. Artists are mainly created by women and use natural colors and brushes made from twigs and bamboo. Adorning walls, floors and objects such as fabrics and pottery, these vibrant works serve a decorative and ceremonial role, with each style reflecting unique community motifs passed down from generation to generation. (Image: Instagram/Art Dynasty)


Sujini embroidery

Sujini embroidery, a traditional craft in Bihar, showcases intricate stitching and vibrant hues. Women craftsmen use running, chain and satin stitches to create detailed patterns on fabric, often depicting scenes from nature and everyday life. Initially used for quilts and blankets, Sujini Embroidery now adorns decorative items such as wall hangings and clothing, where the process involves the recycling of fabrics and threads, highlighting sustainability and ingenuity. (Image: Instagram/Art Dynasty)

Bhagalpur side

Bhagalpur Silk, or Tussar Silk, is known for its luxurious feel and durability, has a fine weave and a lustrous appearance. Produced in Bhagalpur district, the artisans use traditional hand weaving techniques to weave intricate designs inspired by nature and cultural motifs into the fabric. Highly sought after for weddings and festivals, Bhagalpur Silk sarees symbolize elegance and sophistication, making them prized possessions. (Image: Instagram/Art Dynasty)

Sikki grass products

These products are made from Sikki grass from the wetlands of Bihar and include intricately woven baskets, mats and decorative pieces. Craftsmen use traditional techniques and draw inspiration from nature and cultural motifs to create intricate designs. Sikki’s grass products are known for their sustainability and environmental friendliness and serve both decorative and utilitarian purposes. They reflect age-old craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation and enrich the cultural heritage of Bihar. (Image: Instagram/Art Dynasty)

Bhagalpuri Zardalu Mango

The Bhagalpuri Zardalu Mango, grown in Bhagalpur district, impresses with its exquisite taste, aroma and vibrant yellow hue. The sweet, juicy flesh is a mango lover’s delight, harvested at maximum ripeness to ensure premium quality. Whether consumed fresh or incorporated into culinary delights, desserts or beverages, Bhagalpuri Zardalu mangoes are a prized delicacy and symbolize the agricultural excellence of the region. (Image: Unsplash)

Magahi Paan

Magahi Paan, from the Magadh region of Bihar, has a refreshing taste and medicinal benefits. Carefully selected betel leaves are combined with ingredients such as areca nut and slaked lime, which provide digestive and mouth-freshening properties. This cherished tradition, passed down from generation to generation, has cultural significance in Bihar and is often enjoyed after meals or during social gatherings, underscoring its integral role in the region’s cultural heritage. (Image: Unsplash)


Shah Litchi

Shahi Litchi, from the Shahi district of Bihar, is known for its exceptional sweetness and distinctive taste. With a rich aroma and juicy texture, it is prized as a premium fruit. These lychees are hand-picked at the highest level of ripeness ensuring maximum flavor and quality, increasing their exclusivity and popularity. Shahi Litchi is enjoyed fresh as a refreshing snack and adds a delicious touch to culinary creations, desserts and drinks. (Image: Unsplash)

Silao Khaja

Silao Khaja, a traditional delicacy from Bihar’s Silao, is revered for its crispy texture and delectable taste. The preparation, made from flour, sugar and ghee, involves the intricate folding and layering of dough, followed by frying. Once baked, Khajas are coated with sugar syrup or icing sugar for extra sweetness. Enjoyed during festivals, Silao Khaja symbolizes indulgence and joy, enriching celebrations with its irresistible taste. (Image: Instagram/Outlook Reiziger)

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