No Doubt has its own special guest Weekend 2

It was No Doubt on stage for a while during their set on Saturday, but that turned out to be more than enough.

While some fans certainly missed the added oomph and star power that came with Olivia Rodrigo’s surprise performance during the band’s Weekend 1 set, most seemed pleased with the hits, nostalgia and good vibes emanating during the approximately 80-minute show of the band.

In fact, the lack of a distracting guest only seemed to make it easier for fans to appreciate the greatness of Gwen Stefani, who — at age 54 — reminded everyone in attendance why she remains one of the funniest, most charming, and best show women in the world. music.

As someone who grew up encountering No Doubt in my parents’ car, but had recently become accustomed to Stefani’s sweet and caring personality on “The Voice,” I wondered how well she would be able to step back into her old rocker girl shoes. steps after they move on nine years. Well, I didn’t have to worry. Stefani effortlessly dusted off the cobwebs and had the crowd jumping up and down to “Hella Good” within moments of taking the stage.

From there, she scored a string of hits like “Sunday Morning” and “It’s My Life,” with each hit seemingly eliciting a stronger response than the last.

While you probably wouldn’t think so looking at the seemingly eternally youthful Stefani, both hits (like most of No Doubt’s catalog) are over twenty years old, which to me suggests they are probably older than many of those hits. In the crowd. But that generation gap didn’t seem to matter to the many young fans who listened to the lyrics of not only those hits, but also deeper cuts like “Excuse Me Mr.”

It almost seemed like nothing could stop the well-oiled train of this set until Stefani apparently ran into a series of problems with her skirt that led to multiple staff members coming on stage to help her with it (at one point she did this in the middle of the night) of singing ‘It’s My Life’, appearing as if she doesn’t miss a beat).

“I like it when that (expletive) happens,” Stefani joked. “I get a lot more press.” (As a journalist who went to great lengths to write that quote, I have to admit that the singer knows my tribe too well.)

While the nostalgic vibe was always there, they were turned up several notches during “Simple Kind of Life,” when the band performed from the runway while clips of them from their younger days played. I’m not sure I’d really want to go back to the 90s, but I definitely missed them at that point.

For me, though, the undeniable highlight of the show came when Stefani performed “Just A Girl,” which she reintroduced by saying she felt the song remained as relevant as ever. However, she put an interesting twist on things by stopping the song and asking only the men in the audience to sing the chorus. I have to say that asking just the men to sing the lyrics to this feminist anthem was something compelling and refreshing.

Then it was time for just the girls to sing, and suddenly the ageless wonder that is Stefani climbed onto the contraption holding up some stage lights from where she led the girls in their part of the sing-along.

Before starting the song, Stefani joked that she had been thinking all day about how she wanted to punch the (explosive) one out of the crowd.

Well, as she continued a closing run of hits that were as good as you’re likely to see on the Coachella Stage anytime soon, especially “Don’t Speak” and “Spiderwebs,” it felt clear to me that she more than succeeded in that goal. .

So with a second memorable Coachella in the books in as many weeks, my only question is: why did No Doubt wait nine years to give us such a fun reunion in the first place?

Paul Albani-Burgio is Desert Sun’s growth and development reporter, but he also attends music festivals every April.

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