Pakistan has deported more than 800 Afghan refugees in the past two days

In an effort to rid Pakistan of Afghan refugees, the country has expelled more than 800 Afghan refugees through the Torkham and Spin Boldak border crossings.

Official reports outline the government’s plan to return 837 refugees to Afghanistan over the past two days. Of these, 468 Afghan individuals and 90 families crossed the Torkham crossing, while the Spin-Boldak Valley witnessed the return of 67 families and 369 individuals, according to the Taliban-led Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation.

The controversial Durand Line has been the scene of several conflicts and a long-term political struggle between the Pakistani government and the extremist Taliban regime for years.

The Pakistani government’s efforts to liberate the Afghans continue, amid the refugees living in dire conditions in terms of security, healthcare, living conditions, education and freedom.

Authorities have plunged headlong into the mission of mass deportation of Afghan refugees since October 2023, with the aim of putting the country in order. Reports indicate that the country has expelled approximately 300,000 Afghan refugees from its territory.

About 4 million Afghan refugees reside in the country, 1.7 million of whom are undocumented, and are therefore suitable candidates for deportation.

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