Dota 2 players think Crownfall will surpass Battle Passes, despite a ‘disappointing’ lack of balance patch

The initial disappointment is over Dota 2The game’s recent Crownfall update rolled out this weekend, with most players more than happy with the Cavern Crawl-style event and the plethora of cosmetic items that can be earned without paying a cent.

Crownfall released on April 19 after what felt like an agonizing wait involving multiple teases, but before jumping into the new story and event, many players took the update at face value. Without the release of supposed new hero Ringmaster or a balance patch, fans immediately dismissed Crownfall as a waste. Well, after just two days of exploring the event, many have come back from their early observations and come to love Crownfall.

Dota 2 Crownfall Vengeful Spirit Arcana Alternative Style.
While you still need to open the wallet for the Arcanas, you can earn discount tokens by playing. Screenshot from Dot Esports

“I want to emphasize that I think this feels much better to me than the last few battle passes,” said one player on the website. Dota 2 subreddit this weekend. They added that while they were disappointed that the update did not include a hero or balance patch, they appreciated that players had more control over the rewards they received from playing, rather than opening the wallet to earn everything .

Most are thrilled that Valve is committed to further updates to Crownfall, with multiple acts already confirmed to be released this year. Spanning six months, each act delves into more of the game’s lore while providing plenty of rewards for playing. The author of the post described Crownfall as a “dramatic improvement” compared to similar Cavern Crawl events of the past.

“I really like that, unlike Cavern Crawl and the like, losing still gives you some progress, just less,” said another player. While some still felt a little upset that their expectations weren’t met, if those same expectations are sky high, you’re bound to be disappointed no matter what you get.

Dota 2 According to statistics site SteamDB, the number of players skyrocketed after the release of Crownfall. Highs have hovered around the mid-650,000s for the past month, but many fans of the MOBA have already returned; 869,350 players logged in and played Dota 2 yesterday when the long-running title got a new coat of paint.

We’ll see if Valve’s remaining Crownfall installments continue to build on this momentum in the coming months. Act Two launches in mid-May, but those who missed the launch of Act One have no fear: you can earn all the rewards retroactively throughout the entire Crownfall ‘season’.

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