Details of US official Enoh Ebong’s six-day trip to Kenya starting today

Enoh T Ebong, director of the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), arrives in Kenya today for a six-day visit.

A statement from the Agency said the official is expected to sign new USTDA commitments to help expand reliable and affordable high-speed digital connectivity in Kenya and surrounding regions.

This is in line with the US Digital Transformation with Africa Initiative, co-led by USTDA.

Ebong will be in the country from Sunday April 21 to April 26.

She will deliver the keynote address at the American Chamber of Commerce Business Summit. Ebong will also connect with USTDA partners and local stakeholders to advance USTDA programming.

U.S. Trade and Development Agency Director Enoh T. Ebong speaks during a meeting



“In Nairobi, Director Ebong will open the U.S. DTA Pavilion at the American Chamber of Commerce Business Summit, joined by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo and U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman. The pavilion will highlight DTA’s promise and progress” , read part of the statement

Her speech will focus on innovative approaches to mobilizing sustainable finance for infrastructure priorities in East Africa.

In addition, Ebong will also sign two grants to expand high-speed broadband access on the continent.

One of the grants will address Kenya’s internet affordability gap through fiber and 5G infrastructure between cities such as Mombasa and Malaba.

Ebong will also visit Mawingu Networks Limited, an internet service provider in Kenya, to observe how an USTDA-funded feasibility study will support the expansion of the company’s connectivity infrastructure in rural and underserved areas in East Africa.

“In Kenya and across the region, USTDA’s diverse program portfolio reflects the priorities of our partners, including infrastructure to provide digital connectivity to underserved communities, expand healthcare access and capabilities, and generate clean energy,” said Ebong.

She added that USTDA is committed to bringing these projects and ideas to life by facilitating partnerships that mobilize financing and leverage innovation from the U.S. private sector.

On the other hand, the second grant will support intercontinental infrastructure from East Africa to the Democratic Republic of Congo to give thousands of Africans access to affordable broadband for the first time.

While in Kenya, the official will also visit two hospitals to see cutting-edge technologies and explore opportunities for future USTDA funding support.

“Since its inception in 1992, USTDA has funded more than 50 activities to advance Kenya’s agricultural, clean energy, digital connectivity, healthcare and transport infrastructure sectors.”

“In 2021, Kenya became a partner of USTDA’s Global Procurement Initiative to help partner countries acquire high-quality, sustainable technologies while building smart, sustainable infrastructure with overall savings for their governments,” part of the statement read.

A group of people who access the internet via smartphones.


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