“2 Match Mein Tujhe 2 Bat Dun?”: Virat Kohli Annoyed As Rinku Singh Reveals He Broke His Bat

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) batsman Rinku Singh delivered bad news to Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) superstar Virat Kohli ahead of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 clash between the two teams. Rinku, who met Virat on the eve of the match, revealed that he had broken the bat given to him by the RCB star. While Rinku explained how he broke the bat, Kohli made it clear that he is in no mood to give him another bat after the KKR star broke the last one.

It would be the second time this season that KKR and RCB would face each other. On the first occasion, the Knight Riders had emerged triumphant despite Kohli’s 59-ball 83. The RCB batsman batted Rinku at the end of the match but unfortunately the latter broke it.

The Knight Riders shared a video of the conversation between the two about the broken bat. This is how the conversation went:

Rinku Singh: I broke the bat (you gave) against a spinner.

Virat Kohli: My bat?

Rinku Singh: Yes

Virat Kohli: Did you break it against a spinner? Where did you break it off?

Rinku Singh: From the middle.

Virat Kohli: What should I do?

Rinku Singh:I was just informing you.

Virat Kohli:No problem. Good thing you told me. But I don’t need any information.

(Rinku then starts hitting the ball on two of Virat’s bats.)

Virat Kohli: This bat is no good.

Rinku Singh:Will you send one?

Virat Kohli: Who do I send to?

Rinku Singh:You can keep it (returns Virat’s bats to him)

Virat Kohli:You took a bat from me before. Now you want a second bat in the second game? Because of you, I will have to deal with the consequences later.

Virat Kohli:I swear to you, I won’t break the bat again. I can show you the broken bat.

While Virat refused to give Rinku a bat in the video, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the RCB star decides to give the KKR kid another of his bats after the match between the two teams on Sunday.

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