Mylo will become a global D2C brand within 5-10 years: Founder Vinit Garg

The baby care and mother care brand ranks first among parenting apps on the Google Play Store

Bangalore: Mylo is an ITC-backed leading full-stack parenting platform for new and expectant mothers. In addition to its line of D2C baby care and mother care products, Mylo offers an online Q&A-based social community, digital health tools, educational content on pregnancy, baby care and wellness by medical professionals and vetted experts, and online consultations with physicians.

Bridging gaps

Mylo was launched in 2018 by Vinit Garg after he noticed that vetted, detailed information about pregnancy and baby care was not easily accessible online. Mylo started as a free-to-use app with trusted content for pregnant women and new mothers. The app facilitated access to educational resources by hosting a community platform for mothers (the number of mothers currently exceeds five million), where a woman at any stage of life (be it conception, pregnancy or early motherhood) would receive a personalized content feed suited to her needs. Later, Mylo also entered the D2C baby care and mother care segment, offering skin care and hair care products, maternity pillows, maternity wear and daily essentials.

“The content and community platform remains the heart of our brand. However, we found that Mylo app users often discussed suitable baby or mother care products to meet their needs and that their interactions with products in the category were heavily influenced by word of mouth. This led to the development of Mylo’s line of D2C products, allowing it to become a full-stack platform for new and expectant mothers,” explains Garg.

What helps the brand in this regard is that the baby care and mother care segment is growing rapidly in India. “Rising birth rates and incomes, which have increased per capita expenditure on children, along with growing consumer demand for natural baby care and skin care products, have driven the growth of the segment. According to a report by Technavio, the mother and baby care segment in India is forecast to grow by $26.35 billion at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 11% from 2020 to 2025,” said Garg.


Mylo follows a content-to-community-to-commerce approach, where users share their needs, guiding the brand’s product development process and ultimately promoting the products in the community. “By having user conversations on our platform as the backbone of our product development process, we have been able to create highly useful baby care and mother care products that meet the specific needs of mothers,” says Garg.

Mylo’s business model thus focuses on developing a variety of valuable content and digital health tools for expectant and new mothers at different stages of their lives, to increase conversions in the community for the brand’s products and services. “We have also been able to drive high engagement among users through a learn-share-buy methodology, which results in strong top-of-mind recall and purchase conversion,” says Garg. Mylo, he continues, therefore does not have to spend a lot of financial resources on customer acquisition.

What sets Mylo apart from other D2C brands offering pregnancy and parenting resources is that it has built an empathetic and trusted digital community support system where women can express themselves freely. “To encourage women to talk about their issues and deepest concerns, we are taking several initiatives such as allowing them to be pseudo-anonymous or anonymous on the platform,” Garg added.

Mylo plans to become a global D2C brand in the next five to ten years. It will expand its presence into other Commonwealth markets, with its suite of English educational content suitable for expectant and new mothers. “Additionally, to meet the needs of India’s diverse population, we plan to adapt Mylo’s content and community platform to all major languages ​​in the country. With this aim in mind, we recently launched Mylo app in Bengali language to cater to users in the state of West Bengal in India and also in Bangladesh where it is already one of the top parenting apps,” say.

For Garg and his team, the long-term goal is to connect 100 million users with Mylo, making it the highest authority platform in the mother and baby care category worldwide.

Brownie Points

  • In 2020, the Mylo app was downloaded one million times. In 2022, this number will increase to five million.
  • Mylo ranks first among parenting apps in the Google Play Store.
  • It received $17 million in funding (in a Series B round) in March 2022.
  • Between March 2021 and March 2022, the brand’s revenue grew by a factor of 10 (year-on-year), while its customer base grew by a factor of 5 in 2021.

First appeared in the India D2C Yearbook 2022

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