No. 3 Women’s Team Crowned Small Three Champions While Varsity 8 Defeats No. 4 Williams

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – The No. 3 Wesleyan women’s crew team had to battle a tough No. 4 Williams team and difficult weather conditions on Saturday, but the Cardinals’ Varsity 8 ultimately prevailed with a 2.52-second win over the Ephs. The win clinched a Little Three title for Wesleyan for the 11e time in team history and the first since 2021. The dual race between the varsity 8s was originally scheduled for 3:40 p.m., but a strong headwind on the course caused major delays in the start of the previous races on the course. The 1V finally arrived at the starting line at 4:45 p.m., after more than 90 minutes of waiting on the water in cold, windy conditions.

To save time, Wesleyan and Williams 2NL Varsity 8 boats also lined up on the track to race alongside the varsity 8s. After a neck-and-neck battle over more than 1,500 meters, the Cardinals’ varsity 8 managed to pull away late and secure the win with a time of 7:42.63, followed by the Williams varsity 8 at 7:45.15 . The Ef’s 2NL Varsity 8 finished next at 7:46.36, while Wesleyan’s 2NL varsity 8 followed in 7:59.34.

Williams achieved victories in both 3rd varsity 8 and 4+ races. The Ephs won the 3rd varsity 8 race with a time of 8:15.25, compared to 8:24.83 for the Cardinals. Williams took the 4+ with a time of 9:51.04 while the Cardinals finished in 10:16.69.

Wesleyan will be tested again next Saturday as the Cardinals head to Lake Coventry to compete against Trinity.

Today’s Cardinals lineups consisted of:

Varsity 8Ava Olson ’25 (helmsman), Alex Stanislaw ’25, Shaina McCarthy ’24, Cadence Cole ’26, Anna Merrifield ’24, Ruby Roberts ’27, Anne Horton ’24, Nora Printy ’26, and Em Moran ’26
2NL Varsity 8Noa Pesner ’24 (helmsman), Elsa Laurens ’27, Shelagh Coombs ’24, Hailey Hutchison ’27, Elise McCamant ’24, Greta Armbrust ’25, Peyton Fern ’25, Alex Kuo ’26, and Sophia Braver ’27
3rd Varsity 8Aria Trotta ’27 (helmsman), Julia Lissack ’27, Emilia Byrne ’24, Helen Gies ’26, Annabelle Molenaar ’25, Anna Sewel ’27, Grace Donfield ’26, Victoria Pereira ’27, and Rebecca Schechter ’26
Varsity 4+Gabby Ager ’27 (helmsman), Dana Hennings ’27, Meg Bigelow ’24, Marijn Theis ’27, and Stella Tollis ’27

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