Mets extend win streak to six, beat Dodgers 6-4 | Sports

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Starling Marte hit a go-ahead, three-run home run in the sixth and first baseman Pete Alonso made a spectacular rally-killing play in the bottom of the inning for the New York Mets, who beat the struggling Los Angeles Dodgers 6-4 Saturday to extend their winning streak to six games.

The Mets won their fifth straight series and have gone 12-3 after an 0-5 start.

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kAm%96 }{ t2DE\=625:?8 qC2G6D 92G6 H@? E96 7:CDE EH@ 82>6D @7 E96 H66<6?5 D6C:6D 282:?DE E96 #2?86CD( H9@ =625 E96 p{ (6DE)k^Am

kAm%C2G:D 5’pC?2F5( H9@ 5C@G6 😕 D:I CF?D H:E9 E9C66 9@>6CD( :?4=F5:?8 2 8C2?5 D=2>( 😕 E96 qC2G6D’ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^2A?6HD)4@>^2CE:4=6^C2?86CD\3C2G6D\D4@C6\52C?2F5\hcggf22_3heb4ba6b73_h_h2db76d`d`nFE>0D@FC46l4@AJU2>AjFE>0>65:F>lD92C6Qmg\b H:?k^2m @? uC:52J ?:89E( 9:E 2 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^EH:EE6C)4@>^:^DE2EFD^`fg`ge_eeeagg_gfcggQmEH@\CF? 9@>6Ck^2m @77 C:89E\92?56C pFDE:? !CF:EE 😕 E96 6:89E9)k^Am

kAm|@CE@? Wa\_X 2==@H65 EH@ CF?D 2?5 7@FC 9:ED H:E9 EH@ H2=<D 😕 D:I :??:?8D) y@6 y:>é?6K( p)y) |:?E6C 2?5 #2:D6= x8=6D:2D 6249 A:E4965 2 D4@C6=6DD :??:?8) x8=6D:2D 62C?65 9:D D:IE9 D2G6 😕 2D >2?J 492?46D H:E9 2 A6C764E ?:?E9 :??:?8)k^Am

kAm{F:D vF:==@C>6 925 2 CF?\D4@C:?8 5@F3=6 2?5 |2EE ~=D@?’D D24C:7:46 7=J 3C@<6 2 a\a E:6 😕 pE=2?E2’D E9C66\CF? D64@?5 :??:?8)k^Am

kAmt@G2=5: W`\aX 2==@H65 E9C66 CF?D 2?5 7:G6 9:ED 2?5 D:I H2=<D 😕 d `^b :??:?8D)k^Am

kAm~#x~{t$ h( #~*p{$ fk^Am

kAmzp}$p$ rx%*( |@) Wp!X — rC2:8 z:>3C6= E:65 q:==J (28?6C 7@C D6G6?E9 @? E96 42C66C =:DE H:E9 9:D caa?5 D2G6( p?E9@?J $2?E2?56C 925 E96 7:CDE E9C66\5@F3=6 82>6 @7 9:D >2;@C =628F6 42C66C 2?5 q2=E:>@C6 C@56 2 D6G6?\CF? D64@?5 :??:?8 E@ 2 G:4E@CJ @G6C z2?D2D r:EJ)k^Am

kAm$2=G25@C !6C6K E:65 9:D 42C66C 9:89 H:E9 7:G6 #qxD 7@C E96 #@J2=D( H9@ EC:65 E@ @G6C4@>6 2 f\_ 567:4:E( 2?5 9:E 2 82>6\6?5:?8 7=J@FE E@ r@=E@? r@HD6C 😕 7C@?E @7 E96 =67E\7:6=5 H2C?:?8 EC24<)k^Am

kAmz:>3C6= A:E4965 2 A6C764E ?:?E9 7@C 9:D 7:7E9 D2G6 😕 D:I 492?46D E9:D J62C 2D E96 ~C:@=6D 6G6?65 E96 E9C66\82>6 D6C:6D) w6 😀 EH@ D2G6D 369:?5 y@9? uC2?4@ @? E96 42C66C =:DE 2?5 E9C66 324< @7 z6?=6J y2?D6?)k^Am

kAm$2?E2?56C DAC:?E65 😕 E@ >2<6 2 5:G:?8 42E49 @? q@33J (:EE yC’D 7=2C6 :?E@ D9@CE C:89E 7:6=5 DE2CE:?8 E96 ?:?E9)k^Am

kAmr@C3:? qFC?6D Wb\_X A:E4965 D9FE@FE 32== F?E:= 2==@H:?8 !6C6K’D E9C66\CF? 9@>6C 😕 E96 D:IE9( !6C6K’D D:IE9 9@>6 CF? E9:D D62D@?) qFC?6D 2==@H65 7@FC 9:ED 😕 d a^b :??:?8D H:E9 7@FC DEC:<6@FED 2?5 2 H2=<)k^Am

kAm|p#x}t#$ f( #~rzxt$ _k^Am

kAmst}’t# Wp!X — {F:D r2DE:==@ A:E4965 EH@\9:E 32== @G6C D6G6? :??:?8D E@ H:? 7@C E96 7:CDE E:>6 😕 7:G6 DE2CED E9:D D62D@?( r2= #2=6:89 9@>6C65 2>@?8 2 42C66C\9:89 7@FC 9:ED 2?5 $62EE=6 @G6C42>6 :?E6C>:EE6?E C2:? 2?5 D?@H E@ 362E r@=@C25@)k^Am

kAmyF=:@ #@5Cí8F6K 25565 7@FC 9:ED 2?5 EH@ #qxD 7@C E96 |2C:?6CD( H9@ D6?E E96 #@4<:6D E@ 2 D:IE9 4@?D64FE:G6 =@DD 2?5 5C@AA65 r@=@C25@ E@ c\`e — H:E9 7@FC @7 E96 =@DD6D D9FE@FED) %96 a_\82>6 DE2CE 😀 E96 H@CDE 😕 #@4<:6D 9:DE@CJ)k^Am

kAm%6>A6C2EFC6 2E 7:CDE A:E49 H2D bb 568C66D 2?5 5C@AA65 E@ b` 5FC:?8 E96 82>6)k^Am

kAmp DA=:E 5@F3=696256C 😀 D4965F=65 7@C $F?52J E@ >2<6 FA 7@C E96 A@DEA@?6>6?E @7 E96 D6C:6D @A6?6C uC:52J 5F6 E@ 2 DE@C> E92E =67E f :?496D @7 D?@H @G6C 8C62E6C s6?G6C)k^Am

kAmr2DE:==@ W`\cX DECF4< @FE ?:?6 2?5 2?5 H2=<65 @?6( =@H6C:?8 9:D t#p 7C@> d)ga E@ c)c_) {2DE J62C 96 E@@< 2 A6C764E 82>6 3:5 :?E@ E96 D6G6?E9 :??:?8 282:?DE E96 #@4<:6D)k^Am

kAmq{&t yp*$ d( !ps#t$ ak^Am

kAm$p} sxtv~ Wp!X — s2F=E@? ‘2CD9@ 9:E 2 E9C66\CF? 9@>6C 2?5 y@Dé q6CCí@D A:E4965 D:I D4@C6=6DD :??:?8D E@ =625 %@C@?E@ E@ 2 H:? @G6C $2? s:68@)k^Am

kAmq6CCí@D Wc\_X 2==@H65 D:I 9:ED( DECF4< @FE D:I 2?5 =@H6C65 9:D t#p E@ _)gd) w6 92D H@? 2== 7@FC @7 9:D DE2CED 7@C %@C@?E@( H9:49 92D D:I G:4E@C:6D 😕 :ED =2DE D6G6? 82>6D)k^Am

kAmy@C52? #@>2?@ A:E4965 2 D4@C6=6DD ?:?E9 7@C 9:D D64@?5 D2G6)k^Am

kAm’2CD9@’D 9@>6 CF? @77 #2?5J ‘áDBF6K W_\`X 42AA65 2 E9C66\CF? 7:CDE :??:?8 7@C E96 q=F6 y2JD( H:E9 2== E96 CF?D F?62C?65 27E6C 2 E9C@H:?8 6CC@C 3J !25C6D E9:C5 32D6>2? vC292> !2F=6J) xE H2D ‘2CD9@’D E9:C5 9@>6C 😕 E96 =2DE E9C66 82>6D) w6 9@>6C65( 5@F3=65 2?5 D:?8=65 😕 7@FC 2E\32ED)k^Am

kAm’áDBF6K( H9@ H2D 25565 E@ E96 C@DE6C $2EFC52J 7C@> %C:A=6\p t= !2D@( 2==@H65 7@FC CF?D — @?6 62C?65 — 2?5 7@FC 9:ED 😕 7@FC :??:?8D 😕 9:D 7:CDE 3:8 =628F6 82>6 @7 E96 D62D@?)k^Am

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