9-1-1’s Oliver Stark considers a romantic future for Buck and Eddie: We Have Chemistry

Fans of the show 9-1-1 have been eagerly shipping the characters of Buck and Eddie throughout the series, and it looks like the actors themselves are on board with the idea. Oliver Stark, who plays Buck, expressed his openness to the idea of ​​a romantic relationship between his character and Eddie, played by Ryan Guzman. Although their relationship on the show has been platonic so far, many fans sense a deeper chemistry between them.

Buck has been a key figure on 9-1-1 since season 1, while Eddie joined the crew the following season and quickly formed a close friendship with Buck. Stark acknowledged the potential for a romantic storyline between Buck and Eddie, but also expressed the need to be careful with how it is portrayed. He wants to be careful about showing the stereotypical reaction of male friends feeling uncomfortable after one of them comes out, and wants to make sure the story is told in a respectful and authentic way.

Despite the need to approach the potential relationship with care, Stark is open to the idea of ​​Buck and Eddie getting together. He said fans often ask him if it will happen, but the decision ultimately rests with the showrunner. Guzman, who plays Eddie, said he believes Buck’s coming out journey has made their bond even stronger, emphasizing that the connection between the two characters will remain intact. The actors seem to be on the same page in their support for exploring a romantic storyline between Buck and Eddie.

Airing on ABC, 9-1-1 has attracted a passionate fan base rooting for a romantic relationship between Buck and Eddie. Stark and Guzman’s openness to the idea has further fueled fans’ excitement. As the show continues to develop, fans will have to wait and see if their favorite characters will finally take their relationship to the next level. With the chemistry between the actors and the characters they portray, a potential romance between Buck and Eddie could be a compelling storyline for 9-1-1 fans to follow.

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